Cash Bail vs. Bail Bond: Which is Better for Your Situation?

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Contrary to what some people may think, posting bail using a bail bond does not mean you do not have the funds to post bail in 100% cash. People who use bail bonds are not poorer, they merely see a bail bond as being more beneficial to them.

    Cash Bail

  • If posting bail in 100% cash, there is no bail agent to assist and advise the family through the whole process. 100% of the bail must be paid before the defendant can be released from jail, and the money may be refunded later on.

    Bail Bond

  • If a family chooses to use a bail bond to post bail, then they pay 10% of the full bail amount. If bail was set at $50,000 for example, they pay $5,000 to the bail bond company. Additionally, they get a custom payment plan so they can pay that $5,000 over a period of months. Another plus is that the defendant is released from jail as soon as the bail bond paperwork is processed and the first payment is received. The 10%, however is not refundable since it is payment for the agent’s services.

Knowing the pros and cons to cash bail and bail bonds helps a family determine which option is best suited for them. Due to their flexibility and payment options, more people opt to use bail bonds, even if they can afford cash bail. Even celebrities like Nicholas Cage and Robert Downey Jr. use bail bonds to get themselves out of jail.

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A Look at Some of California’s Gun Laws

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Each state has different laws when it comes to guns, and California is a state with some of the most restrictive laws in the U.S. There are laws that mandate a minimum age to purchase, what types of guns may be purchased, how many guns may be purchased at a time, and how the weapons must be stored at home.

All guns must be micro-stamped. Each time the weapon is fired, it stamps a unique serial number to the bullet and case. This allows authorities to track a bullet back to the gun, and thus, back to the gun owner.

New this year, is the requirement to pass a background check anytime a person wants to purchase ammunition. A law from a couple years ago was the gun confiscation law, which says a person can report a loved-one to the police if they believe this person is going to misuse their gun. The police will confiscate the gun(s) for 3 weeks and conduct an investigation.

Keep yourself up to date on all of the gun laws, even if you are not a gun owner yourself. It is hard to say whether bail will be granted for a defendant who was arrested for a crime and a gun was involved. If they are, and they happen to be a friend or family member of yours, Echo Park Bail Bond Store can assist with the bail bond process.

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The Police Need a Warrant to Search Your Cell Phone

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Some people may not know this, but the police actually do need a warrant to search your cell phone. Just like your car or your home, your cell phone is your personal property and can contain extremely sensitive information. Think about what you use your cell phone for everyday: text messages, photos, social media, email, web surfing, and more. If the police want to search through your phone usage and content, they need a warrant, unless you give them permission to do so without a warrant. Also, so you are aware, the police are not allowed to delete anything off your phone.

You have the right to tell a police officer that they cannot search your phone unless they have a warrant. If they come back with one and end up arresting you, you also have the right to remain silent, the right to have a lawyer, and the right to bail. Have a loved one of yours contact Eagle Rock Bail Bond Store so you can get your bail bond posted faster than you could with cash bail.

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Your Loved One is Counting on You for Bail

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If you are still waiting on your tax return, take this time to think about how you want to use this money. If you find that you have been a little short on money recently, this tax return will come in handy.

Obviously, you want to prioritize necessary payments. These include rent, utility bills, bank statements, and loans. For some families, a necessary payment can even include paying off a bail bond for a family member. This is a priority payment because it keeps the loved one out of jail. If you miss a payment, your loved one can be taken back into custody.

Your loved one is counting on you to help pay off their bail bond. You do not want to let them down. Consider putting your tax return money toward their bail. Talk to your Alhambra Bail Bond Store bail agent for further advice and guidance, since they are available 24/7.

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CA May Become the First Sanctuary State

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California is one step closer to becoming America’s first “sanctuary state.” The country already has 300+ sanctuary cities that vow to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation and help them find security. California’s senate advanced bills that would create a statewide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

It is estimated that some 2.3 million illegal immigrants live in California. That is 2.3 million people in California alone who are in danger of being deported by President Trump’s immigration order. If the bills pass, local and state police do not need to fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities. California currently has a number of sanctuary cities such as Berkeley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Local authorities in these sanctuary cities already do not need to cooperate with federal immigration.

If an immigrant is arrested, they will not automatically be deported. They have rights, such as the right to remain silent, the right to a lawyer, and the right to post bail. These are the same rights an American citizen would have when arrested.

It is possible you may know someone who is here in California illegally. You may be an undocumented immigrant yourself. If you fear for yourself, or someone you know, talk to a lawyer, friends, and family members to get tips on how you can protect yourself and your identity.

A False Reports is a Crime in Itself

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In California, as well as in many other states, a person is not legally obligated to report a crime if they witness one. It is a Good Samaritan act to do so, but it is not required. They also would not get in trouble for not intervening in the crime they are witnessing. However, if a person does report a crime, they must be 100% honest with the facts they bore witness too since there can be consequences for lying on their report.

Honest mistakes can happen and that is all right. Perhaps they saw a getaway car and thought it was navy blue, but it turns out the car was black. They did not realize this, and it is not like they stared at the car for a long time. The two colors can easily be mixed up with such a short glance. This is an honest mistake. It would be lying if they knew the car was black but purposely told the police it was white.

It is a crime to submit a false report to the police. It is all right that a person does not have many details of the crime since the police do not expect a witness to know every single detail. The police just want to know anything the witness might have seen or heard.

When a person is arrested, they will likely be allowed bail. If this ever happens to you, or a loved one, please contact Placentia Bail Bond Store.

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About Mandatory Reporting Requirements – What is and isn’t the Law

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Generally, a person is not required to report a crime if they witness one occurring, nor are they required to intervene to try and stop it. There is no law forcing any one to be a Good Samaritan because it could be very dangerous to get involved. However, there are some exceptions to this.

Certain professions require the person to report suspected child abuse, such as being in childcare, healthcare, or education. If professionals fail to make these mandatory reporting requirements, then they too can be charged with a misdemeanor. Veterinarians in certain states may also be required to report suspected animal abuse.

California is among those states that do not require a person to report a crime if they see it happening. However, they can later be approached by police who would like to question them as a witness.

Then there is other side of crime, the side of being involved. If you, or a loved one, are ever arrested for a crime and allowed to post bail, please contact Orange County Bail Bond Store for professional and affordable bail bond services. Orange County Bail Bond Store is one of California’s most reliable and used bail bond companies.

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Treat Bail Bond Payments Like You do Rent

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Choosing to post bail using a bail bond means:

  1. You pay less, overall
  2. You pay in increments over a custom payment plan
  3. You have an understanding, accommodating, and helpful bail agent

It does not mean that you should not prioritize bail bond payments. Keep track of what you owe and when. Also keep track of when you have made a payment. Look at your spending habits elsewhere. You may find that you need to re-work your budget so you can keep up with bail bond payments like you do your rent and utility bills.

Something you will want to keep an eye out for in the mail is your tax return. Hopefully this will be a rather hefty amount of money that you get back from the government. Instead of splurging this on a shopping spree, apply it towards your bail bond payments. You need to keep up with this or better yet, get ahead.

Keep in touch with your bail agent every now and then. They are there to assist you through the whole process. They have your back and want everything to go right. They’re understanding and accommodating, but that does not mean they will let you off the hook for missing payments.

If you have any questions regarding bail or bail bonds, talk to Newport Beach Bail Bond Store. Agents and representatives are available around the clock both online, and at 562-866-0081.

Irvine Bail Bond Store Wants to, and Will, Help You

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Irvine Bail Bond Store is a California bail bonds company that boasts more than others can and helps more than others will. This nearly 30 year old bail bond company has had more satisfied clients than other companies. With our impeccable service, it is no wonder why Irvine Bail Bond Store is one of the most reliable and trusted bail bond companies in the state.

  • 24/7 statewide availability
  • Free consultations
  • Customized payment plans
  • 0% interest
  • No hidden fees
  • Discounts available
  • Kind and genuine licensed bail agents
  • Fast, confidential service
  • Cash, credit, debit, and checks accepted
  • Convenient and secure online payment portal
  • Phone approvals
  • Free, anonymous warrant checks

Clients can tell immediately how genuinely helpful Irvine Bail Bond Store is. We are understanding and flexible, and we will find a way to help anyone who needs us. Our company is family founded and operated; our mission is set around family goals and values. We treat our clients like family, wanting to get your loved one out of jail as much as you do.

You can speak with an agent from Irvine Bail Bond Store anytime. We can be reached online, or at 562-866-0081.

California’s Sanctuary Cities

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Los Angeles is among California’s self-proclaimed sanctuary cities. There is no formal definition of a sanctuary city, but in general, it is one that vows to protect its immigrants from deportation. In the United States, there are an upwards of 300 sanctuary cities.

Some tips for immigrants would be:

  • Make copies of your visas and green cards. Keep a copy safe at home, give copies to trusted loved ones, and carry a copy on you at all times.
  • If you are stopped by the police, you do not need to reveal your immigration status.
  • If you are arrested, you have the right to remain silent, the right to bail, and the right to a lawyer.
  • Your arrest does not prompt an automatic deportation. You actually have people fighting for you: family, friends, strangers, and non-profit groups.
  • You can get your child enrolled in school, or you can secure health care, for instance. These are a few things the local government in sanctuary cities want to do to help.

President Trump’s recent immigration ban, has millions of people worrying, and millions of people fighting against. If you are an immigrant, or you know someone who is, know that you are not alone. You have loved ones and so many strangers on your side.