Bail Amounts for Common Offenses

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In order to be released from jail, a person must meet certain “requirements.”

This includes:

  1. Having not yet been convicted of the crime.
  2. Having solid, reliable relationships with others in the community. This shows that the defendant is likely to appear for court and less likely to flee.
  3. Not appearing as a threat to the public.
  4. Having little to no prior criminal history.
  5. Being accused of a crime that is neither serious nor violent.
  6. Being granted bail.

How much bail is will really depend on a case by case basis. Understandably, the more serious the crime was, the more expensive the bail will be. Additionally, if the defendant is a repeat offender, they are more likely to have a higher bail than a person who is a first time offender. Bail can range from a few hundred to thousands; in more high profile cases, bail can be hundreds of thousands to millions.

Luckily, the majority of people who are granted bail are not going to face that million dollar price mark.

Here are some common crimes and the average bail for the charges:

  • Driving when the license has been suspended or revoked: $1,000+ for a first offense, $5,000+ for repeat offenses.
  • Fleeing the scene of a hit and run, and another person was injured or killed: $10,000+.
  • DUI: $5,000 for a first offense
  • Speeding and racing with other drivers: $10.000+
  • Violating a restraining order: $50,000
  • Possession of illegal drugs: $30,000 if possession is up to 1 kilogram. Bail increases if there are more drugs in possession.
  • Robbery: $50,000+
  • Assault with a deadly weapon: $100,000

Bail bond companies like South Central Bail Bond Store work with defendants and their families to lower the amount they pay for bail. To clarify, bail bond companies cannot get the official bail lowered, instead, they provide defendants with payment plans whose payments sum up to 10% of the full bail.

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Your Tax Return = a Bail Bond Contribution

Echo Park Bail Bond Store

If you are helping your loved one by paying for their bail bond, they are putting a lot of trust in you to not fall behind or miss a payment. In return, you’re also putting a lot of trust in them to make it to their court appointments and stay out of trouble.

Paying for a bail bond is a big commitment and comes with a lot of responsibility. At first you might hesitate at the idea of paying for someone else because it is your money after all, but you will get over that thought the moment you see how much your loved one thrives outside of jail.

You do not want to miss a payment. Echo Park Bail Bond Store will work with you in the beginning stages to come up with a payment plan that fits your financial needs. They will help make sure you are staying on top of you payments. If and when possible, get ahead on your payments. This is particularly doable when you receive your tax return, because you can use this newfound money toward bail bond payments.

After this whole situation blows over and is finally put in the past, you will be happy you made such a contribution to your loved one. They will be forever grateful. Plus, it says a lot about your character and how much you value this person.

If you have any questions regarding bail or bail bonds, of if you would like a free consultation, you can reach Echo Park Bail Bond Store online, or at 562-866-0081.

What Else Can a Bail Agent Do?


Most bail agents, especially those at Glendale Bail Bond Store, are trained professionals and are experts in their field. They can help you rescue your friend or family member from jail and get him or her home safely.

Did you know that some bail agents can help you with something else?

Some bail agents can help you check to see if you have a warrant. If you think that there might be a warrant out for arrest, you can have a bail agent check for you. You will be able to know for sure if you have anything that you need to worry about. Usually, all you need to do is give the bail agent some information; your name, birthday, and the county where you think the warrant was issued. After that, the bail agent can tell you if you have a warrant or not.

If you do not have a warrant, then you have nothing more to worry about.

However, if you do have a warrant, you will have some work ahead of you. Luckily, you still do not need to worry. Some bail bond companies, like Glendale Bail Bond Store, can work with you to get the warrant taken care of. Good bail bond companies can help you get a bail bond prepared before you turn yourself in. This way, you can be bailed out right away. In some counties, you will only need to be booked in before they release you on bail. With the right bail agent, you will spend as little time in jail as possible.

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Did You Know There Is Still Time?


Many people may not realize, but there is still time to bail a friend or family member out of jail in time for the Christmas festivities. With a good bail agent, the entire bail bond process can be completed in a day, which will leave you and your loved one plenty of time to celebrate Christmas.

Good bail agents, like the ones at Encino Bail Bond Store, begin working for their clients right away. They get all of the information that they need, and begin filling the paperwork out right over the phone. Once they have enough information, they will be able to locate your loved one in the county jail system and gather the rest of his or her info. After that, your bail agent should work with you to figure out payment.

The length of time that this takes, depends on a number of different variables. The primary variable being the availability of funds to bail out your loved one. Once the payments have been figured out, and the initial payment has been received, your bail agent will secure the release of your friend or family member.

All of this can be done within a day, if you have the right bail agent. To talk to an expert bail agent, simply call 562-866-0081 or click Chat With Us now.

How Do You Make Payments Convenient?

You Allow the Client to Pay However He or She Likes


When you need to bail a friend or family member out of jail, you are going to need to pay quite a bit of money, even with the discount of a bail bond. You want to make sure that your money gets to the bail agent, and that paying for the bail bond is actually convenient for you. Some people prefer to make all of their large payments with a card, others prefer to pay in cash, and some prefer to use checks. When you are bailing a loved one out of jail, make sure you find a bail agent who accepts multiple payment methods, you do not want to deal with someone who will not take your money because it is in the wrong form.

A good bail agent will allow you to pay with a number of different methods, such as cash, check, credit or debit. They will also go so far as to let you pay in person, or online. After all, the goal of helping you bail out a loved one is to make things easier on you.

If you want to pay with cash in person, or use your card online, you can do that. Eagle Rock Bail Bond Store will let you use whichever method is most convenient for you.

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Do You Know the Power of Co-Signers? | Crescenta Highlands

The Right Co-Signer Can Make or Break Your Attempt to Bail Out Your Loved One


Co-signers are very important when it comes to bailing a friend or family member out of jail, they take responsibility for their loved one once he or she has been released. However, they are more important than you may think. You want to choose your co-signers carefully, because it can affect how affordable the bail bond will be.

With a lot of companies, the co-signers of a bail bond are huge factors in how payment plans are determined. Some companies will take a working co-signers signature as collateral, which means you will not need to put something else up as collateral. At other companies, they offer discounts for co-signers who are members of the military, members or AARP, or are homeowners.

These are just a few examples of how important a co-signer can be for you, both of which can be experienced at Crescenta Highlands Bail Bond Store. If you need to bail a friend or family member out of jail, be sure to get some good co-signers to help you. They can make the difference between your loved one sitting in jail, and bailing him or her out.

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Did You Know You Might Not Need Collateral


There are a lot of places out there that require clients to put something up as collateral when a lot of money is involved. This can include getting a bail bond. Bailing a loved one out of jail can be a costly venture, which is why some bail bonds required collateral. If you did not know, collateral is something of value equal to the amount of money being lent, or in the case of a bail bond, the amount of the bail bond itself. If the client does not pay all of the money owed, then the company keeps the collateral.

Some people might find this a bit alarming, but do not worry. There are bail bond companies out there that do not require collateral, companies like Central Los Angeles Bail Bond Store. We usually require something else in its place, something much simpler. All we require, is the signature of a working co-signer. To us at Central Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, that signature shows that the client has confidence in his or her loved one, which is enough for us.

If you are looking to bail a loved one out of jail, having good co-signers is important. They can make the bail bond much more affordable for everyone involved.

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A Real 24/7 Bail Bond Company


Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is a 24/7 company and that is 100% fact. A person can be arrested at any given moment, at any hour of the day. Do the police ever shut down for a night? No. They work in shifts, right? If there is someone to arrest at 3 am, they will arrest him or her.

Likewise, if there is someone who needs our bail bond assistance at 3 am, Los Angeles Bail Bond Store will be there to answer. Los Angeles Bail Bond Store believes in the right to bail and we are available to help protect that right. We will not make a family wait until the next business day to return their phone call.

With the holidays coming up, families yearn to be together, and make more effort to work out a full family gathering. If someone thinks they are about to miss the festivities because they were arrested for something, Los Angeles Bail Bond Store will step in to bail them out so they can make their family holiday party.

Call Los Angeles Bail Bond Store anytime you need a bail bond. Do not worry if it is 3 am or Christmas Day. We have bail agents available at all hours of the day, ready to help you.

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store can be reached online, or at 562-866-0081.

Home for the Holidays Thanks to Los Angeles Bail Bond Store


Despite their incredible joy while opening gifts on Christmas morning, or being allowed to stay up as late as possible on New Year’s Eve, a child will notice if one of their parents are absent from the festivities. Children are more intuitive than we think, and it would be painful to have to explain why Mom or Dad has been absent.

So, how about doing everything possible to avoid having that conversation? How about bailing your partner out of jail as soon as possible? You can explain this situation to your child when they are old enough to understand.

If you cannot bail your partner out of jail quickly on your own, your best bet is to approach Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, a 24/7 bail bond company who serves all of California. All that is needed up front is basic information for paperwork. The paperwork will be transferred to the jail to be processed, then your loved one will be released. Following release, you will have a payment schedule to pay off the 10% of the bail bond you owe, called the premium. This flexible bail bond offer is much more attractive than cash bail, just make sure your loved one stays out of trouble and shows up for court dates.

With Los Angeles Bail Bond Store’s help, your entire family will be there for the holidays. No one is going to miss the memories, smiles, and laughs made.

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store can be reached at 562-866-0081 or chat with a representative online.

Bail Bond Myths Debunked!


Anyone who is in need of a bail bond is most likely going to be frantic and stressed. In all likelihood, they will not know all the details about bail bonds or what to expect. Due to this lack of understanding about bail bonds, there are a bunch of myths out there that surround the industry.

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is here to help debunk a couple of those myths and help you see that bail agents are your friends. Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is on your side if you need a bail bond for yourself or a loved one.

MYTH: Bail agents are intimidating, wear long dark trench coats, and thick jewelry.
FACT: Bail agents do not dress like your stereotypical club bouncer. They dress like your everyday professional businessman or woman and are very friendly and helpful. They are normal people just like everyone else.

MYTH: Bail bonds are unaffordable.
FACT: Bail bonds are extremely affordable and carry flexible payment plans, customized for each client. Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is understanding and will always find a way to assist everyone who needs bail help.

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is always willing to get a bail bond for those who are in need. We want to help protect peoples’ right to bail, and we promise to help you in any way we can.

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